Neil Ellis Photos: Stone Bridge at Garvan Woodland Gardens – Hot Springs AR


Neil writes:

This photo was taken at the University of Arkansas Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs, Arkansas. The 210 acre site, located on a peninsula on Lake Hamilton, was donated to the School Architecture by Verna Garvan and has been transformed into a formal botanical garden that is both renowned in academic circles and visually spectacular to visitors of all backgrounds.

In April, the stone bridge in the mottled afternoon light offered a fascinating and oddly provocative subject, and the azaleas’ almost luminescent colors were irresistible.

Neil Ellis Photos: Neil is great friend who plays a respectable round of golf, identifies unseen birds by their calls, completes the New York Times Friday Crossword in ink, and snaps a heck of a photo. His photos are featured here at and can be found collected at Neil Ellis Photos.

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