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The Prelude

I’m especially parsimonious about recommending blogs.

For one thing, it feels at least a tad presumptuous for me to tell anyone else to read another blog. But, I have every confidence that I can overcome the obstacle of ostentatious humility.

And, I do worry about making so many recommendations that any impact such suggestions might carry would be attenuated. I know that once a blogroll extends beyond my browser window, it becomes too daunting to try out a few entries. On the other hand, Heck Of A Guy has been pimped by some gracious blog-buddies. and it would be ungracious not to extend that same courtesy to other writers.

It’s more difficult to circumvent another hurdle – that although the number of blogs is growing at an astounding rate,1 the number of hours in the day has remained remarkably constant and, by extension, the amount of time available for folks to read blogs, assuming they continue to work, raise kids, sleep, eat, etc., is severely limited.

Anyway, I tend to hold off advocating a blog unless it’s clearly so outstanding that readers would clearly miss out on something wonderful if they didn’t have a look.

Get Wet

Writing As Jo(e) is a gorgeously written blog dealing with family life, nature, literature, love, and much, much more. The craftsmanship of the writing is invariably high and sometimes better than that. The final nudge that sent me over the recommendation cliff was her lushly erotic, sexy, intensely romantic, almost but not quite raunchy poem, Shining Wet posted in the most recent of her Friday Poetry Blogging columns. As I said, you may be missing out on something wonderful if you don’t have a look.

Credit Due Department
Mindspinner aka Lisa Sweet not only turned me on to Writing As Jo(e) originally, but also alerted me to Shining Wet

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  1. There are, at last count, 77, 328,332,934 77, 328,332,935 77, 328,332,936 77, 328,332,937 a bazillion blogs []

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