DrHGuy’s Family Home Photo Safari: Bedroom Exhibits


Bedroom Exhibits: Razors, Shaving Mugs, Button-hooks, Strops

Below you’ll find photos of a group of the doodads, antiques, gadgets, widgets, junk, tchotchkes, collectibles, oddities, curios, odds, ends, and much, much more that lined the walls and resided in the geological layers of miscellanea that arose from nearly every table and shelf as well as much of the floor space in my mother’s home in the Ozarks.

This set of items, including the razor pictured atop this post,  are grouped together solely because they were all kept in the bedroom of my mother’s cabin, perched on a bluff overlooking Table Rock Lake in an isolated area of southwest Missouri.

Table Rock Lake from deck of Mom's cabin
Table Rock Lake from deck of Mom’s cabin


Mom’s Collectibles

The full story of my mother’s houseful of collectibles with its metaphysical implications and links to all published photos of items from her home can be found at DrHGuy’s Family Home Curios & Oddities Photo Safari

All of the pictures featured in DrHGuy’s Family Home Photo Safari were taken by me during our Thanksgiving 2007 trip to Mom’s home. I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I enjoyed preserving these images of my parents’ collectibles and as much as my mother and father enjoyed finding and displaying them.


Mom’s Bedroom Exhibits: Razors, Shaving Mugs, Button-hooks, Strops…

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Note: Originally posted Dec 2, 2007 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of AllanShowalter.com

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