Eulogies: Firefly’s Wash (Alan Tudyk) Reads His Own Eulogy


Reading Ones Own Eulogy – Kinda

Alan Tudyk, the actor who played Hoban “Wash” Washburne on Firefly, the TV series considered by its sizable contingent of fans to be the greatest Sci-Fi program of all time, reads the winning entry in the DragonCon 2006 Eulogy Contest. The eulogy is for his character, Wash, who dies near the end of the 2005 film, Serenity (a sequel to Firefly), when a harpoon launched by a Reaver ship impales him, killing him instantly.1

Even if you don’t know anything about the story line, even if you detest Sci-Fi, even if eulogies aren’t your thing, this video is worth watching. [Alert: the camera work is a bit shaky, especially as the performance becomes funnier]


The Eulogies Group

As part of my ongoing research into memorial services (for the back story, see He Was One Heck Of A Guy: The Eulogy), I keep an eye out for – oh, lets call them special eulogies and tributes. Posts of this sort can be found at Eulogies, Tributes, Memorials


  1. See Wikipedia, which has a competent, succinct history of the character in Firefly, the Serenity comic, and the Serenity movie. []

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