Photos From 2007 Thanksgiving Trip To Mom’s Cabin: My Mom, My Wedding, My Brother

While I’ve already posted photos of the specimens in my Mother’s collections (see at DrHGuy’s Family Home Curios & Oddities Photo Safari) from our visit to her home this past Thanksgiving [at time of original posting], there are a few other pictures of people that I’m posting as an indulgence to the nostalgia rampant at the end of the year.

This photo of Mom was taken at Thanksgiving (2007).

I found the blurry picture, displayed below, of Julie’s parents (on left), my parents (on right), and Julie1 and me (in center) at our wedding.


And this even blurrier photo, also from the wedding, of Julie, her daughter Rachel, and me.

In the shot below, my brother, Bobby Lynn,2 is on the left and I’m on the right. In the center section, Bobby Lynn is on the left and I’m on the right.
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  1. Julie Showalter was the fiercely intelligent, sexy, and loving woman with whom I had a outrageously wonderful marriage that ended with her death in late 1999 from cancer diagnosed the week of our wedding nearly 20 years earlier. She was also a brilliant scholar, the mother of our two sons, and a prize-winning author. Many posts on this blog are about her and still others consist of her writings. Julie’s Story is the account of our unlikely romance, Information can be found at Julie Showalter FAQ. []
  2. Bobby Lynn, two years younger than me, died at 16 of Hodgkin’s. []

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