Neil Ellis Photos: Virgin River Winding Through Zion Canyon

Virgin River – Zion Canyon

Neil writes:

Driving the main road along the Virgin River in the valley floor of Zion Canyon, I was struck by the blue sky reflecting off the river as it curved away with the yellow trees and red sandstone of the canyon walls in the background. After 15 minutes of wrestling the tripod through the brush covered riverbank, we were in position to take this shot.

I like the way the diagonal line of the water leads the viewer into the picture and then the sweep of the yellow trees takes the viewers eyes around the bend deeper into the picture where the light shines on the distant canyon wall.

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Neil Ellis Photos: Neil is great friend who plays a respectable round of golf, identifies unseen birds by their calls, completes the New York Times Friday Crossword in ink, and snaps a heck of a photo. His photos are featured here at and can be found collected at Neil Ellis Photos.

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