The Very Very Good Girl – SportsBizPro Nuptial Quiz


The wedding of Very Very Good Girl and SportsBizPro1 took place as planned this weekend (originally posted May 4, 2008 at, a predecessor of There may well be more discussion of the events, but for tonight I offer one of my favorite scenes from the ceremonies as a pictorial quiz.

In this post-wedding photo of Very Very Good Girl, she is

A. Dancing with exuberance and abandon
B. Shimmying out of her gown with exuberance and abandon
C. Demonstrating the overhead, two-handed throw used to inbound the ball in soccer with exuberance but not so much abandon
D. Posing as the model for a hood ornament
E. Performing the Antler Dance, which she chose for the Bride and Groom First Dance
F. Completing the toss of the bridal bouquet, causing the assembled unmarried women, ostensibly gathered to catch the flowers, to scatter in terror as though the floral arrangement were a live hand grenade.

Yep – it’s F.

Note: The impending wedding of my cousin Gwen triggered a review of my nuptial-related posts. The following event remains vividly enshrined in my mind. My hunch is that it is similarly immortalized in the bride’s memory.


  1. Very Very Good Girl is the daughter of two of my best friends from medical school, Duke of Derm & Princess of Peds. SportsBizPro is her then groom, now husband of 8 years and co-parent of their incredibly attractive twins. Their marriage occasioned the posting of Crucial Wedding Rules No One Else Will Tell You and Crucial Wedding Rules No One Else Will Tell You, Part 2 []

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