Prodigal In Spotlight Dance At Wedding Of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro

Dancing With The Star

We just received [at time of original posting: Apr 22, 2009] photos from last year’s Very Very Good Girl – SportsBizPro nuptials.1 The delay was due to (1) What the parents of the bride (aka Duke of Derm and Princess of Peds) euphemistically term – when in public – “problems with the wedding photography” and (2) Very Very Good Girl’s self-confessed habitual tardiness.2 From these pictures, however, it’s clear that Prodigal, aka my elder son aka Sam Showalter, tripping the light fantastic was an exclusive feature of the wedding festivities.

As I responded earlier this morning to Prodigal’s query, “What’s the narrative tale of the blog today,” (yes, he routinely talks like that) the photos are self-explanatory.


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  1. Very Very Good Girl is more conventionally known as Anna Hall, and SportsBizPro is most commonly recognized as Jackson Quarles. I will modestly note that this partocular Very Very Good Girl is, as far as Google is concerned (on Dec 7, 2007), the #1 Very Very Good Girl – the competing efforts of Rihanna and other pop stars notwithstanding. (Technically, I suppose, this makes “Very Very Good Girl” the “Very Very Goodest Girl”). A web search for Very Very Good Girl showed the top two hits for “Very Very Good Girl” to be entries from

    The image search for “Very Very Good Girl” provides similarly gratifying results. ((he image search without quotes around Very Very Good Girl displays the same two Heck of a Guy photos in the #3 and #4 slots of the top sequence. The #1 and #2 images are photos of a small child, about whom even the Scrooge-like DrHGuy could not muster a complaint.)


  2. Very Very Good Girl was never at risk of being mistaken for the Runaway Bride. Had she fled the marital vows, her decampment would no doubt have been delayed until the ceremony was complete, which would seem to negate the underlying principle. And, when she did take flight, it would have been as the Amble-away Bride, the Saunter-away Bride, or even the Hesitantly Perambulate-away Bride. []

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