The Ups & Downs Of The Meadowmont Moral Code

In Nov 2016, we moved to a townhouse in Meadowmont, a community within Chapel Hill, NC. As far as I can determine, each Meadowmont townhouse is equipped with a personal elevator.  It’s not clear whether these are best characterized as luxury accessories or a subliminal reminder that many homeowners are reaching an age when mechanical assistance may become necessary to ascend and descend these four story structures.

For now, however, the primary function of these conveyances is to serve as the basis of a statement of moral rectitude.  I have yet to hear a Meadowmont resident reference the elevators without appending in strident tones the following declaration of principle:

We never use the elevator ourselves.
We do use it to transport groceries
and other stuff from one floor to another –
but we never ride it ourselves.

We have our standards in Meadowmont.

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