Valentine Day Is A Wren-Wren Situation


Update/Introduction: Searching previous Valentine’s Day posts, I came across this  entry first published Feb 14, 2007. I feel now – as I did 10 years ago – that this is a grand celebration of love.

I always liked Julie’s middle name: Wren

I am pleased and proud beyond description, just as Julie would have been, now that two newborns1 share that appellation.


Named in honor of Julie are these two darlings:

  • Ruby Wren (aka Awesome-o), who has been featured on this site previously, was born 29 December 2006 to one of Julie’s nieces.
  • Adelaide Wren was born 30 January 2007 to a woman who served as nanny to da boyz and has continued to play an important role in their lives even as she has gone on to a much different (and much more highly paid) profession and to raise a family of her own.

I do want to also mention that I am familiar with and care for other babies, tykes, toddlers, and lil’ ones. Indeed Ruby Wren has cousins of whom I’m fond, and Adelaide Wren has an older brother who also scores highly in my affections.

Today, however, I am celebrating the Wrens in my life.

Julie Showalter

Julie Showalter was the fiercely intelligent, sexy, and loving woman with whom I had a outrageously wonderful marriage that ended with her death in late 1999 from cancer diagnosed the week of our wedding nearly 20 years earlier. She was also a brilliant scholar, the mother of our two sons, and a prize-winning author. Many posts on this blog are about her and still others consist of her writings. Julie’s Story is the account of our unlikely romance, Information can be found at Julie Showalter FAQ.


  1. OK, I suppose technically, they are “recently-borns,” but that doesn’t scan as well []

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