Chris Rock, DrHGuy, Duchess, & Yondr At Durham Performing Arts Center

crockphone “I want to find God before God finds me”

Chris Rock opened his Total Blackout Tour, his first full-scale tour in nine years, at the Durham Performing Arts Center this week, and the Duchess and I attended last night’s performance.

Here’s the quick summary:

  • Great show
  • Some politics (Trump is not an oddity; he’s a return to rich white men running things. Obama was the anomaly – like that girl who is way out of your league but goes out with you anyway.)
  • More personal stuff (especially his divorce, especially his role in causing the divorce)
  • And more personal stuff (“I’m trying to get a little bit of religion – Not a lot.”)

The New York Times offers a useful review: Chris Rock Returns With Jokes and Personal Anguish by Jason Zinoman (New York Times: Feb 14, 2017)

Yondr Steals The Show

We’ve talked about the Chris Rock show to a batch of folk, and in every case, the topic that drew, by far, the most attention has been the enforcement of the “Mobile phones will not be allowed at this event” ban by Yondr.

Yondr, for the uninitiated, makes pouches that lock like a security tag in a clothing store, preventing phone use. The case keeps the users’ phones locked within a specific area  If someone needs to access their phone, they can choose to leave the phone-free zone. The idea is to create “phone-free events for comedy and concert tours” (nightclubs and the occasional classroom mandate their use as well).


We received multiple emails from DPAC referencing the full-page announcement, including “Seven things you need to know before entry” about how the system operates, the use of inspections and metal detectors on entry, the need to arrive one hour early because of the anticipated lines because of the inspections and phone bagging …

Personally, going to a show without a forest of phones between the stage and me was pretty nice; the Yondr-associated hassles, not so much.


Credit Due Department: Chris Rock photo by David Shankbone – Own work, CC BY 3.0, via Wikipedia Commons

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