Video: Holly Cole Performs Cry (If You Want To)

In Sept 6, 2006, when I first posted Holly Cole performing Cry (If You Want To), someone close to me was facing fearsome health problems and was undergoing exams to pinpoint the diagnosis and determine the treatment. Throughout all this she was nothing less than courageous and, in fact, persisted in being perky so much of the time that even many of those who knew her may did grasp how serious her condition was.

I had spent two or three hours starting and trashing posts more typical of this blog when I realized that such efforts were futile. Instead, I offered only this  single song that I had found comforting at such times.

I’ve listened to this song many, many times. I believe its special appeal  is its acknowledgment, echoing the sentiments of Anjani’s Blue Alert in another context, that the connection between two people (which may be labeled caring or friendship or family ties or romance or empathy or numerous other names but is, as shrinks and poets learn if they are taught properly, most accurately known as love) is ultimately insufficient to rescue us from the human condition coupled with the knowledge that this terrifying fact is itself what lends dignity to making such an offer to that person; giving everything, knowing that, in the end, it can’t be enough, is what makes love precious and essential.

Update: See Video: Holly Cole Trio – 1992 Montreal Jazz Festival Complete Show


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  1. When I was young, reading RD Laing’s ‘The Politics of Experience’ persuaded me that there can be no contiguity between the experience of two people. That at best it can only be mediated by our actions towards each other.

    With the advent of the discovery of mirror neurons etc, I am much more hopeful that our experiences can connect more directly.

    At any rate I love the song – and the notion of being free to express feelings while supported in a non-judgmental environment.

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