Full Concert Video: PJ Harvey – Down The Rabbit Hole: Beuningen, Netherlands June 24, 2016



01:47 Chain of Keys
07:26 The Ministry of Defence
11:43 The Community of Hope
14:25 The Orange Monkey
17:54 A Line in the Sand
22:00 Let England Shake
26:14 The Words That Maketh Murder
30:12 PJ shares John Donne’s poem “No Man Is An Island”
31:58 The Glorious Land
35:52 Medicinals
39:07 When Under Ether
41:39 Dollar, Dollar
47:29 The Wheel
54:04 The Ministry of Social Affairs
58:03 50ft Queenie
1:00:43 Down by the Water
1:04:38 To Bring You My Love
1:12:12 River Anacostia

Credit Due Department:By john or juan – PJ Harvey, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia Commons

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