Amethyst Harbour By Stormy Clovers Featured In Trawler Fishermen FIlm

The Stormy Clovers are best known to readers as the first band to play songs written by Leonard Cohen – a year before Judy Collins or Cohen himself would perform his music on stage and at a time when Cohen was predominantly identified as a poet. (For more about the Stormy Clovers, see Introducing The Stormy Clovers – And Their Songwriter, Leonard Cohen) Cohen himself points out

The first band I sang that [“Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”] for was a group called the Stormy Clovers, a Canadian group out of Toronto. I wrote it in two hotels. One was the Chelsea and the other was the Penn Terminal Hotel. I remember Marianne looking at my notebook, seeing this song and asking, “Who’d you write this for?”1 [emphasis mine]

Well, those same Stormy Clovers did some film soundtracks, including the music for “Angel,” an art film based on a poem by Leonard Cohen. They also sang Amethyst Harbour, the music for a  National Film Board of Canada video called “Trawler Fishermen.”


On the Grand Banks of Newfoundland this film shows the new machinery and electronic gear employed on modern fishing boats. The trawler shown is the open-stern type, which allows full nets to be dragged easily from the sea and then lifted to spill the silvery catch into the cleaning troughs.

Credit Due Department: Thanks to David Fougere, who alerted me to this video, and to Wendy Perdue, who notified David. The photo atop this entry was posted on the Stormy Clovers Facebook Page by Nicholas Jennings.


  1. Leonard Cohen Los Angeles 1992 from Songwriters On Songwriting by Paul Zollo. Da Capo Press 1997 []

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