Find Streets & Intersections By Name (Your Name, For Example) At This Just For Fun Website


In the good old days – when the net was the World Wide Web – a lot of sites were, as the signs on those pinball machines I used to play had it, “For Amusement Only.” Well, although Crossing opened only a few days ago, it’s a throwback to that genre.

Here’s how it works, according to Where Thelma Meets Louise: Use This Site to Find Nifty Intersections (and Search Your Own Name) by Jacob Brogan (Slate: July 12 2017):

Give the site two words, and Crossing queries its database of intersections, telling you where, if anywhere, they meet in the United States. If there are any, it’ll pull them up on a map, also offering a Google Street View image of the intersection in some cases. In the interest of making interesting findings more shareable, it can also generate animated GIFs of intersections to help users show off particularly charming finds.

The GIF atop this post represents the intersection of Russell Avenue and Jean Street in Westminster, CA – which will no doubt be the highlight of the day for our buddies, Russell and Jean.

And, I can report to you that there are more than 15 roads named “Showalter.”

Weirdly, I find this sort of thing great fun.

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