Video: Translating Trump – Special Problems In Converting Donald Trump’s Expressions Into Other Languages


Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic sat down with translators from Japan, Mexico, Russia, and Syria, as well as an ASL interpreter, all of whom are responsible for translating Trump’s words. All of these translators, with the hilarious exemption of the Russian one, agreed that translating Trump is challenging, to say the least. They also revealed that, because of Trump’s incoherence, they have to rely on lying or not giving a perfect translation of Trump’s words. “Grab her by the pussy,” for example, was a particular phrase that the translator from Japan struggled with. On the other hand, Trump’s infamous “bing bing bong bong” lends itself to a one-to-one translation in Spanish.

From The Daily Show Talks to the Translators Who Have to Make Sense of Donald Trump by Austin Elias-de Jesus (Slate: 14 July 2017)

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