50 Years Ago: Diamond High School Class of 1967 Graduation – Apparently, I Was There

Party Like It’s 1967

Yesterday’s post, Ancient History Photo Quiz, was an introduction to the revelation that, evidently, I’ve been ensnared by a renegade time-space vortex – or perhaps caught up in a CIA conspiracy. How else to explain the notion that I graduated from high school (Diamond High School; Diamond, Missouri) 50 years ago? Clearly, I’m too young to be commemorating 50 years of anything other than perhaps my grandparents’ marriage. Certainly my own high school graduation occurred more recently. Yet, the names of other students listed in The 1967 Wildcat yearbook are familiar. And, “1967” rings a bell of some sort. Even the school building looks like a place I’ve been before.

It’s all very odd.

Perhaps I could have accommodated to this concept – sort of eased into it – if I had attended my class reunions. over the years.  I have never, however, been present at any of my high school, college, or med school reunions. Here’s why: During my residency, the Chair of Psychiatry at Michael Reese Medical Center published research that made a convincing case that, for high school reunions at least, returning students, regardless of what they had or had not accomplished since graduation, reverted to whatever role they played when they were in school. If I want to revert to being miserable in a former environment, I always have the option of tracking down my first wife.

Anyhow, the photos below associated with my name do resemble me in my younger days, so it seems at least theoretically possible that I have survived 50 years since I graduated high school and left my hometown.

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