We Wish You A Maui Christmas – Mele Kalikimaka By Jimmy Buffett

So, why am I posting about an Hawaiian Christmas in September?

Because I didn’t get around to it in August.

Here’s the story:  Duchess, aka Penny Showalter aka Mrs DrHGuy, is one hard-core Christmas elf.  You know, the kind of individual who has to rotate her Yuletide decorations not only because she wants a different look but also because there is no room to display them all at once. Someone who is constantly tuned into the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies when they are in season (which in 2017 will begin October 27) and Hallmark’s Christmas in July – except when she is viewing the classics: Miracle On 34th Street (the much-preferred 1947 original although she will begrudgingly watch the 1994 remake), It’s A Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation … . She has purchased and wrapped all the presents she distributes worldwide before its time to shop for bags of Halloween candy. Of all the musical mixes I’ve curated for her, her perennial favorite is “Making A Playlist, Checking It Twice.”

Now, you think you recognize the Duchess’s personality type, but there’s a multiplier.  Like Isaac Newton, Humphrey Bogart, Justin Trudeau, and Baby Jesus, she was born on Christmas Day.

As one might imagine, Christmas is a significant occasion within the Duchess’s sphere of influence, and no suggestion to alter the traditional celebration is to be made causally — which explains why I was slow in proffering my notion that we spend Christmas in paradise – aka Maui.  It was, in fact, not until I was copied on Penny’s August email organizing her annual family holiday dinner that I realized that now might be a good time to broach the idea of a celebrating the nativity with a South Pacific sojourn.

Happily (for me), some folks in her family brought up scheduling problems that precluded finalizing a date for the Christmas feast. So, I popped the question, and, unbelievably, Penny has opted to spend the pertinent part of December 2017 on the Magic Isle.  (My own belief is that the the tipping point was my invocation of Maui puns: “Here Today; Gone To Maui,” “Happily Maui’ed,” “I got lei’d in Maui.” and, of course, “Maui Christmas”).

Regardless, we have booked flights and a hotel room, reserved a table on Christmas Day at a beachside restaurant we like, and are researching Christmas in Maui, including island carols.

Yule, y’all.


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