(Still) Google’s #1 One Heck Of A Guy

This is actually a followup post to the July 30, 2006 1HeckOfAGuy.com entry celebrating the first such Google #1 listing.

At that time, my Heck Of A Guy Blog was entering its sixth month without Google listing a single post. of the blog. Following a one-week effort during which meta tags were fixed, sitemaps restructured, and fractured URLs repaired, Google’s spiders not only began to index the site but also ranked it as the web’s #1 Heck Of A Guy.

I had feared that with the reduction of 1HeckOfAGuy.com to a a single post referring visitors to either Cohencentric.com or AllanShowalter.com, a more popular site might have risen in the rankings.

Happily, as of this morning at least, Cohencentric and 1HeckOfAGuy are #1 and #2, respectively, for the queries “heck of a guy” and “one heck of a guy.”

It gives one a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?

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