Introduction To RFC 1925 aka The 12 Networking Truths, aka The 12 Fundamental Truths

Life Lessons Written In Internetese


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OK, the truth is, as Wikipedia explains,

A Request for Comments (RFC) is a type of publication from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Society (ISOC), usually describing methods, behaviors, research, or innovations applicable to the working of the Internet and Internet-connected systems. Almost every April Fools’ Day (1 April) since 1989, the Internet RFC Editor has published one or more humorous Request for Comments (RFC) documents, following in the path blazed by the June 1973 RFC 527 called ARPAWOCKY, a parody of Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem “Jabberwocky”. The following list also includes humorous RFCs published on other dates.

Credit Due Department: Graphic by The Opte Project – Originally from the English Wikipedia; CC BY 2.5.

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