The Elevators Of Meadowmont Reconceived

In The Ups & Downs Of The Meadowmont Moral Code, I hypothesized that the primary purpose of the elevators in each of the Meadowmont (Meadowmont is a community within Chapel Hill, NC) townhouses such as our own is

to serve as the basis of a statement of moral rectitude. I have yet to hear a Meadowmont resident reference the elevators without appending in strident tones the following declaration of principle:

We never use the elevator ourselves.
We do use it to transport groceries
and other stuff from one floor to another –
but we never ride it ourselves.

We have our standards in Meadowmont.

I have since become aware of another function of these conveyances. Most of the groceries we load into the elevator from the car at the garage level are, of course, distributed to the kitchen on the next floor up.  Some purchases, however, are destined for other rooms. For example, shampoo ends up in the master bathroom and laundry detergent goes to the laundry room, both of which are on the third floor. Consequently, we sometimes leave such items on the elevator under the delusion that “the next time we’re upstairs, we’ll pull that stuff out of the elevator and stash it where it belongs.”

What actually happens, as one might imagine, is that until that shampoo, detergent, toilet paper … is needed, said items remain in the elevator. This morning, I discovered that the fridge in our exercise room on the top floor was bereft of Diet Cokes even though I knew we had recently stocked up on this essential commodity. After due consideration, I realized that we had heaved those 8 packs onto the elevator. On checking, those bottles of the real thing were indeed still  ensconced on our ersatz dumbwaiter.

And, it was then that I realized that what the Duchess and I originally thought was a elevator, i.e., a type of vertical transportation that moves people between floors of a building, would, by preponderance of usage, more accurately be labeled a movable storage unit.

Note; For those readers comparing the photo in this post and the photo in The Ups & Downs Of The Meadowmont Moral Code. yes, the Duchess did have the elevator recarpeted.

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