7 thoughts on “Remembering Tom Petty – Live in Sound Garden Studios

  1. Okay, there is no Sound Garden Studios.

    There is a TV Series called SoundStage which is produced by WTTW of Chicago.

    What we have here, I think, is 2 episodes of that show. I still do not know when they were filmed.


    1. You are, of course, correct. This video is Soundstage Presents, shot at WTTW’s Grainger Studio – and broadcast live on PBS in July 2003

  2. Audio quality takes a dump at 26:46 and never recovers.
    Too bad, great show… and on DVD… so you ought not upload junk files.

  3. I was at one of the rehearsals for this show… they did a week of rehearsals and wxrt FM in Chicago gave away tickets for the rehearsals… And I was fortunate enough to get a couple tickets. It was awesome!

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