The Bauxite Miner Author Bio Template

When I publish a guest post, I like to include a brief biography of the author.. Because some folks aren’t familiar with the concept, I have developed, from my own reading of many, many such blurbs (often located on the back or inside flap of a book jacket – see above), an example to illustrate. So, in case, you ever need an author bio …


Doyle Ray is a 32 year old former bauxite prospector who, after leaving Ozark Bible College due to a crisis of faith over the use of instrumental music to accompany congregational hymn singing, completed joint majors in Puppetry and Bowling Industry Management at the Sorbonne and now designs and manufactures extraordinarily difficult jigsaw puzzles. He has published three novels (one written without the use of the letters “d” or “m”) and a slim volume of poetry yet has never worn a tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows. He currently lives with his two dogs, a cat named Slim, three wives, and an indeterminate number of children in a secluded cabin near a Gulf Coast estuary.
Credit Due Department: Photo by Noorpamiri – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia Commons

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