The Story Of Gwen, Harvey, Colten & Stephy Has A Ring To It


My cousin, Gwen, whom I gave away in marriage less than a year ago, was featured on her local news in one of those incredibly heartwarmng human interest stories  (see video above).

Gwen reports what happened

What a story this is….I lost my senior ring 26 years ago. I received an instant message last night from Stephy Vela. Her husband was on the roof of their rent house checking for damage from Harvey when something caught in a shingle got his attention. It was my class ring. They investigated on Facebook and tracked me down. Their rent house is a block or so from where we lived on 40th St. in Port Arthur. She sent me a photo and yes, it is my ring. My mom passed away my senior year and wasn’t there for graduation preparations. The only thing she got to be a part of was choosing and getting my senior ring. I am still speechless and so very thankful. 26 years and it was found on a roof…..thanks mom and thank you Colten and Stephy Vela. Update – catch the whole story on Channel 12 News at 10:00 tonight.

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