Video: Joni Mitchell When She Was Joni Anderson (1965)

From 1963 to 1967, folk singer Oscar Brand hosted “Let’s Sing Out” on Canadian television. Filmed on university campuses across Canada, the show launched the careers of important folk singers — singers like Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell, to name just two. During the 36-minute compilation above, all shot in black and white, you can watch Joni Mitchell’s career come into bloom. In the first clip, recorded at The University of Manitoba in 1965, Joni Anderson — as she was named before her marriage to Chuck Mitchell in ’66 — sings “Born To Take The Highway.” On the same episode, Dave Van Ronk appeared along with The Chapins (Harry included). Now scroll to the 15 minute mark, and we find Joni in 1966, taking on a different look and a different last name and performing for students at Laurentian University. The next year, the Canadian singer-songwriter moved to New York, then onto LA where, with the help of David Crosby, her career got off the ground.

From Vintage Video of Joni Mitchell Performing in 1965 — Before She Was Even Named Joni Mitchell by Dan Colman (OpenCulture: January 16th, 2015)


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