1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle


DrHGuy Super Bowl Memory #1: The Greatest Super Bowl Of All Time

The Greatest Super Bowl Of All Time is, of course, Super Bowl XX when Ditka and Da Bears beat up the Patriots to the tune of 46 to 10. Yep, anyone could tell that no football team from New England was going to amount to anything.

On the other hand, The 1985 Bears performed The Super Bowl Shuffle, a quasi-rap music video that was considered outrageous at the time, but in 2018 is less shocking than – well, cute. The Bears taped the Super Bowl Shuffle Dec 3, 1985, the day after their only loss of the season at the hands of the Miami Dolphins and two months prior to their win in Super Bowl XX. It peaked at No. 41 in Feb 1986 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was nominated for a Grammy, but ultimately lost to “Kiss” by Prince.

And, you can’t take that away from me.


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