Leonard Cohen Tour Schedule, Rebecca De Mornay, & DrHGuy.com Confluence Results In Reunion

Note: I originally posted this entry Nov 17, 2012 on 1HeckOfAGuy so it disappeared when that site was, for all practical reasons, terminated.  The post is just too heartwarming – at least for me – to lose, so I’m putting it back online here.

Bob & Me

I got to know Bob Marshall 20 years ago when he was Chief Of Psychology and I was Medical Director at a Chicago hospital. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared a – let’s go with an irreverent sense of humor, but as colleagues and friends do, we lost touch. I hadn’t heard from Bob in 10 years – until last week when I received this email from him:

Hello Allan,

Very, very strange.

A totally crazy butterfly effect.

1) My mother dies on 11/5/12 at the age of 98.
2) I will be going out to California for a memorial service over the Thanksgiving weekend.
3) I had Leonard Cohen concert tickets for November 23.
4) I sell my tickets to a friend.
5) We are talking about Leonard Cohen. I mention that he had a relationship with Rebecca De Mornay. He was not aware of that and was impressed and intrigued.
6) I search the Internet to find a picture of Leonard Cohen with Rebecca De Mornay
7) Google sends me to the DrHGuy web site. [DrHGuy.com is no longer online]
8) I spend over an hour getting sucked into all the interesting tangents, side trips and diversions, alleys, twists and turns…especially the fan behavior links.
9) I am about to get back to business and copy and paste the picture of Leonard and Rebecca when I just happen to see the Julie Showalter choice at the top menu bar.
10) I’m thinking, this whole website definitely has the Allan Showalter feel – frenetic, intelligent, funny, esoteric, snide, but it is Dr. H.
11) I’m thinking that Julie Showalter is not the most uncommon name in the world, but not exactly common either.
12) I go to the “contact Dr HGuy” link and read the brief autobiography.
13) Chicagoland: check
14) Shrink: check
15) It has to be Allan!
16) I see the picture of you and Julie.
18) Then I watch the video of you and Julie and I’m thinking, this is a love like Paul and Linda McCartney.
19) Then I’m crying. I’m crying happy for you, I’m crying sad for you, I’m crying happy that my mother is at peace, I’m crying sad over the loss of my mother.

Your friend,


OK, maybe blogging doesn’t suck all the time.

Oh, and thanks to Leonard & Rebecca

Credit Due Department: Rebecca De Mornay (1993), Photo by Christof Graf (taken from Christof`Graf`s forthcoming new Leonard Cohen-book “Zen & Poetry” – The Cohenpedia Series Vol. 1). The painting is Rebecca and Eliezer by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

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