When I Was A Player – In The Task Force Name Game

A sine qua non of any hip and trendy enterprise during the late 1990s was a task force charged with profound, game-changing, and often metaphysical organizational goals and – more importantly – endowed with a correspondingly complex and grandiloquent title. This was brought to mind when, while searching my email from that era in a futile search for details of a nearly forgotten event, I serendipitously discovered that I once put in considerable effort preparing for the next meeting of something called the Illinois Metro West Psychiatric Leadership Task Force. To this day, I am baffled by the possible geography described by“Illinois Metro West,” the nature of the task this task force was assigned, and, of course, the oxymoronic splendor of “Psychiatric Leadership.”

Further review of my messages revealed I was also a member not only of the Resurrection Health System-ProCare Mission/Values Task Force but even more confoundingly, served on the (and I am not making this up)

Resurrection Health System-ProCare Mission/Values Task Force
Subcommittee For Customer-Centered Care/Physician Collaboration

Or, more user-friendly acronym; RHS-PM/VTFSFC-CC/PC

I think the existence of two slash marks in the title just about says it all.

I’m convinced all of these committee names were created by a committee.

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