The Goldilocks Conundrum – Goldilocks And The Three Bears Revealed As A Business Case Study


Once, when planning an information-laden website, I came face to face with what I’ve labelled The Goldilocks Conundrum. In my case, the task was avoiding the Scylla of doing too much, which would make the site cumbersome, and the Charybdis doing too little, which would make it impossible to find the specific information. The goal is, in fact, to create a process that is “just right.”

I realized this was, of course, the tactical issue at the heart of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story – an account which becomes much easier to comprehend once one grasps that Goldilocks was obviously a consultant and the bears were her clients. And the fairy tale itself? It was actually the PowerPoint presentation The Goldilocks Group, LLC made to 3Bears, Inc to explicate The Value Locus Decision Matrix.


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