The Tragedy Of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Novels Quotations: No Funny Stuff

Reading Still Life, the first of Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novels, Coco Éclair came across this literally LOL line and forwarded it to me:

Ganache wondered how low the bar was set when all a man had to do to attract a woman was not smell of decomposing bears

This sort of thing is not unexpected. As I’ve previously observed “Louise Penny writes the sort of narrative that causes the reader to pause at every third paragraph to share a funny, evocative, insightful, or poignant line with his or her companions.”

The problem, as a survey of online Louise Penny quotation collections demonstrates, is that quoters predominately choose to share (at least in public) the author’s evocative, insightful, or poignant lines to the detriment of her funny stuff.

By funny stuff, I mean not only Ms Penny’s droll, witty phrases but also – and best of all – her low comedy, including but not limited to expositions on canine flatulence, malapropistic French-English mistranslations such as “the night is a strawberry,” and an adopted duckling whose vocalizations are rendered as “fuck fuck fuck…”

To correct this egregious oversight, I’m asking readers to forward chortle-worthy quotations from Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novels for a collection to be posted here.

Credit Due Department: Photo by Ian Crysler – Transferred from en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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