The Sunday Photo Puzzle & Denouncement Of Legalistic Swindles


Introduction: I just came across this entry I originally posted in 2006 at 1HeckOfAGuy, the predecessor of, only to discover that I’m still miffed about a guy accusing me of fraud for no other reason than freeing himself from the contract he signed. So…

What Is This?

A Sunday feature of many publications is a puzzle that consists of a photo of something difficult to recognize because, for example, the something is obscure or unusual or the picture is taken in super-macro-close-up; the idea, of course, is for the readers to identify the photo’s content.

Sure enough, this picture is The Sunday 1HeckOfAGuy/ Blog Photo Puzzle.

Warning: It’s not as easy as it looks. (On the other hand, as far as I know, Waldo isn’t hiding anywhere in the picture, and, no matter how you squint, you won’t see a portrait of Lincoln.)

Clue #1

This object is located on the front lawn of our home.



Clue #2

This is NOT a basketball court. I know this because, in attempting to sell our house, I accepted a bid, and, more than a month later, the potential buyer accused the realtor and me of misrepresentation because we had called the structure in the photo at the top of this posting a Basketball Court.1

If you don’t immediately come up with the solution, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. I must confess, in fact, that I still don’t know the answer to the puzzle. Somehow, I am stuck on the errant notion that this is a basketball court. And, The Individual Once Known As Buyer had been on the grounds in person five or six times, so unless he closed his eyes as he traveled down the driveway, he had viewed the alleged basketball court on each of those occasions (unless my real estate agent figured out how to stash it in the my younger kid’s closet, where, admittedly, it could be lost forever amid the other unidentified objects he hoards) before belatedly discovering that whatever this was, it certainly was not a basketball court.

I dunno. If it isn’t a basketball court, then what is it? True, it isn’t likely that anyone will mistake this for the parquet floor from Boston Garden, but still…

If this isn’t a basketball court, what is this pole? (Weirdly, there is one just like this on the other end)


And what the heck is this thing?


What is this guy doing?


And this kid?


If you know what this thing actually is, please let me know. The best answer wins your choice of an extra doorstop or visitation rights with either of Da Boyz.


  1. To be fair, this was not the only problem found with the house during the negotiations; the day-long house inspection, for instance, disclosed that our house was missing two doorstops. []

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