Lessons In Grownup Dating: #3. Special Issues – The Harley Factor

Introduction: A fellow I know only through our mutual admiration of Leonard Cohen, admitted, in passing, to intense anxiety about re-entering the dating pool as a grownup (he’s in his 50’s) now that his marriage of many years has ended. Well, as ongoing readers know, I am not the type of chap who would refuse to share my hard won wisdom. So, hearkening back to my own experiences with definitively adult dating after Julie died, I am posting some of the lessons in grownup dating I learned.


3. Pay Attention To Special Factors: For example, be wary of dating a woman if her personal ad begins with “I LOVE HARLEYS.” There is an excellent chance her affection for you will always come in second to her preference for Harleys — whether her predilection is for the motorcycle brand or a batch of guys named Harley.


The Duchess informs me that she adhered to a corollary of this proposition:

Never respond to personal ads that depict the would-be suitor performing a wheelie on a motorcycle.

Credit Due Department: Photo atop this post by SenseiAlan used under CC BY 2.0. Second photo by User:Wikedpedialite, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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