Words To Live By – At Least During Deer Season

The information shown below was relayed to me by Princess of Peds, who found it posted in her room at one of the finer hostelries in her mid-Missouri home town (mid-Missouri is considered upscale compared to the Missouri Ozarks where I grew up). It speaks, as they say, for itself.

An Aside: Does anyone else find it worrisome that the most frequent sponsors of “Welcome Hunters” signs – by far – are beer companies?


1. No dumping of deer carcass in any dumpsters

2. If there are any coolers in the rooms please make sure there is plastic under them

3. If you could please remove muddy boots or clothing before going into the rooms

4. Please do not leave loaded weapons in the room


Credit Due Department: The photo at the end of this post was taken (in Pennsylvania) by stevebkennedy.


Comment From Original Posting:

Rebecca James says:

Have you seen the one on a motel ice machine, I believe it was in St. Joseph MO, “Ice untouched by human hands”? Another favorite that I wish I had seen after the advent of cell phones, on a package store sign in south central Missouri, “Guns, ammo, and cosmetics”.

I am becoming very fond of, okay, a tiny bit addicted to, your LC posts.

Originally posted Feb 28, 2011 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of AllanShowalter.com

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