Recipes For Winter Sustenance & Verve: X Soup


My Winter Sustenance And Verve Credentials

In the thirty years I lived in or around Chicago, a winter occurred in every one of those years. You could look it up.

And, every one of those winters was painfully cold and prolonged.1 I took the photo atop this post on March 29, 2009 (during the week the schools were on Spring Break) when I lived in Crystal Lake, IL.

One felicitous consequence of this otherwise unfortunate situation is that I accumulated, after careful and replicated testing, recipes for four winter dishes that meet my criteria for cold weather survival rations:

  1. The recipes are simple enough to be completed by Da Boyz without endangering nearby persons or property. There are, for example, no instructions to “deglaze” whatever it is one deglazes (donuts?) or “start with a basic mirepoix.” And, everything on the list of ingredients can routinely be found at the local medium sized Jewel grocery store.
  2. The leftovers can be frozen and will taste as good or better reheated than the servings that were consumed the day they were cooked.
  3. One serving results in most folks — well, those who are not teenage boys — feeling content but not bloated
  4. The first, second, third… and last mouthful overwhelms winter despair and triggers expressions of epicurean delight, such as Yummmm or its equivalents2

Being generous of spirit, I hereby grant amnesty and pardon for those living without the benefit of horrid winters who nonetheless wish to indulge in these feasts.

Now, on to today’s offering.

X Soup: Life-Enhancement From Hippie With Tiara

I was introduced to this hearty, life-enhancing, delicious soup by Hippie With Tiara during a 2013 sojourn with my buddies, Neil and Irene Ellis (Irene is aka Hippie With Tiara) in Kansas City.


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 can ranch style beans
  • 3 cans minestrone soup
  • 1 can Rotel
  • 3 cans water


Brown meat and then mix in other ingredients. Simmer at least 20 min. Tell everyone you spent the entire day cooking.

About The Name:
This could also be known as The Soup Of Many Names. Depending on the specific recipe, this concoction is listed as “5 Can Soup,” “6 Can Soup,” “8 Can Soup,” and “10 Can Soup,” labels which are sometimes but not always augmented with the word “Dump.” It also bears the names of many, many individuals (e.g., “Mr Smith’s Soup,” “Zelda’s Soup”) and organizations (e.g., “Fayetteville Baptist Soup”). I lost count after finding a dozen such appellations on the internet.

I’ve opted for X Soup because – well, because it sounds cool. Until someone documents evidence that identifies the actual originator, readers can feel free to name the soup for themselves, spouses, rich uncles, favorite singer-songwriter-icons, etc.

Recipes For Winter Sustenance & Verve:


  1. DrHGuy is not a celebrant of the Winter Wonderland conceit or a participant in any winter sports that require equipment other than pillows, handcuffs, and a few extra batteries. In fact, as far as DrHGuy can determine, winter in Chicago is why a merciful God made Maui and keeps airlines flying there. []
  2. Also acceptable are delectable, luscious, delightful, scrumptious, scrumdidelicious, mmmmmm, delicious, heavenly, yummy, yum yum yum, délicieux, quite toothsome, and damn, that’s good []

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  1. i made this yesterday because its fall and thats what you do. Allan, i never tired of your wonderful words. you always bring a smile to my face. thank you

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