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Mom Meets 5000+ Unique Visitors

One of high points of our 2007 Thanksgiving visit to my mother’s home was explaining to her about the 5000 strangers who tuned in their computers over a 48 hour period the previous month to view the oil lamps, kitchen implements, tools, saws, mallets, knives, button hooks, seeders, meat grinders, ceramics, doodads, gadgets, widgets, and other objects she displays on the cabinets, shelves, tables, counters, and, most prominently, the walls of her home hidden away in an obscure corner of the Ozarks. (see DrHGuy’s Family Home Curios & Oddities Photo Safari).

Mom, whose previous interest in matter Internet could have been generously described as cursory, was enthralled by the phenomenon (described in a previous post, Mother’s Tchotchke Inventory Hits The Charts), including the role of StumbleUpon in triggering the flurry of hits and several positive reviews of and comments about her collections, the differences in the web stats from competing vendors, the distinction between the hits and page views, the definition of “unique visitor,” the international locations of the viewers, the importance of search engines, the various categories of blogs…

More to the point, she was genuinely touched and gratified by the interest shown by others in her accumulated miscellany.

And she was also genuinely proud of my work manifest in the Heck of Guy blog.1

Which gives me a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The Carved Geese

The two hand-carved geese pictured atop this post usually reside on the back deck of my mother’s cabin. She thought they might be a nice for this post.


Originally posted Nov 25, 2007 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric


  1. It should be noted, however, that “genuinely proud,” “touched and gratified,” and “enthralled” do not translate into a plan or even a whimsical wish on Mom’s part to explore computers or cyberspace. That ship has, it seems, sailed, landed on the other side of the ocean, and been burned to preclude retreat. []

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