One thought on “Christmas Morning – Maui 2018

  1. Happened to return to Cohencentric for the first time in a while, and saw you have suspended it, which I was selfishly sorry to see (though I am sure you have other uses for your time!). So I wanted to say thanks for the great resource it was (and, I hope, will remain in some form).

    I think the worries you express about the declining quality of his fanship in your post ‘Is the LC Online Unified Heart in Danger of Flatlining?’ are interesting. I’ve disengaged from several LC fan sites for the sort of reason you mention- too many (well-known) pictures, not enough analysis. A new Fb group which screens members by asking 3 intelligent and detailed questions about LC’s biography would probably solve that problem, but maybe it’s good for him to become more niche for a while. I have no worry that he will ever be forgotten, as a Canadian and a Jew, two cultures who cherish their literary greats very dearly, quite apart from the many musicians who also do.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the work you put into all your LC sites, and all that I learned from them.

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