Cohencentric’s Final Bow – January 27, 2019

Cohencentric, my other blog, has long been. by a wide margin. the most popular Leonard Cohen website (according to Alexa). In fact, it continues to hold that ranking to this day although no new posts have appeared for almost three months – but that’s about to change.

Why? Because, after publishing more than 7,700 posts chock-full of information, photos, videos, animations, audio recordings, and humor and accumulating more than 5,000,000 hits from its opening on March 7, 2015 to its final post on Nov 3, 2018, Cohencentric will make its final exit from the online stage January 27, 2019.1

DrHGuy’s Favorite Cohencentric Post

I immodestly confess that I love a lot of Cohencentric entries, some fact, some fiction, some  fantasy, some photoshopped, some my own product, some the work of others… A few graphic samples follow:


But, my favorite would be Lunch At Leonard’s In LA – Leonard Cohen & Kezban Özcan Host Nosh For Duchess & DrHGuy


Let me know if there is a Cohencentric post you especially relish.

Note: I am republishing selected posts from Cohencentric (my former Leonard Cohen site), especially those offering information not available elsewhere, here on (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen).

Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post was taken by Pete Purnell, whose description follows:

This photo was taken on Friday 20th September 2013 in Amsterdam. It is the last moment of Leonard’s last concert in Europe and a few hours before his 79th birthday.

By this gesture he is saying, “Thank you friends for being here, it is deeply appreciated.” To me, his gesture reflects how we regard Leonard now. Thank you Leonard, thanks for being here, it is deeply appreciated.


  1. The site will also be eliminated from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine []

18 thoughts on “Cohencentric’s Final Bow – January 27, 2019

  1. Allan, thank you so much for all you have done for us Cohen fans and the extent and excellence of it all. l wish you and Penny all the best. You will be very missed!

  2. Thank You from Prague, dear Allan for all about L.C.
    Because Leonard is love on every step our life.
    So long, dear, I wish You all good for next.
    I never forgot You, every song of Leonard will be remember on You too.
    Eugenia, love You, thank You, huge You.

  3. Hey Doc HG:
    You provided us with so many wonderful items, that I can’t pick just one. But I would say the thing I most appreciate is the fact that you introduced me to the great work of Albert Noonan. On a personal note, I also greatly enjoyed collaborating with you a few times. And finally, I really appreciated your help in obtaining that special EP of Leonard at the beginning of the 2008 tour. So long and thanks for all the fish! And best wishes to you and the Duchess.

  4. Mes préférés ( puisqu’il faut choisir… )

    In Memory Of Leonard Cohen

    Lessons From Leonard Cohen: A Manual For Living With Defeat

    Classic Posts Online Again
    Leonard Cohen Heals Hank The Cat
    Leonard Cohen & Joni Mitchell – Just One Of Those Things
    Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis Unveiled: Cohenphilic Personality Disorder
    Kezban Özcan Talks About What It’s Like To Be Leonard Cohen’s Assistant
    Photos That Should Have Been: Leonard Cohen Visits Set Of Fraggle Rock 1983
    Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen Back Same Cologne Concept
    Why I Celebrate Leonard Cohen

    Leonard Cohen Online Directory
    En fait, j’ai adoré lire toutes vos publications.
    Alors MERCI pour tout ça et pour reprendre les mots que Léonard vous a écrit «  Thanks for the many chuckles « 
    et tous les bons moments que j’ai eu grâce à vous.

    May the saddest days of your future be no worse than the happyest days of your past.

  5. Thank you Allen, I have loved this group. Thank you for sharing. You will be missed.

  6. Thank you so much for all your eloquent L.C. postings, Allan. I will miss reading them. All the best to you and Penny.

    1. what do each of the 6 strings on the guitar represent: one is for Love: I forget what Leonard wrote for the other 5 on a piece of paper in the Vancouver Unitarian Church @ 1968 late or early 69. I used to see him at a coffee shop in Gas Town. I learned his first album by heart on a Martin 000-18 back when I was 20: stationed myself in Canada for the Vietnam war, and later on the Gibson J45 (pic I sent). In the 80`s he was in Calgary at Springer Auditorium, all tickets were “sold out” but my sweet girl friend Terry kept phoning and two came up at the last minute. Made the 3 hour trip from the Columbia Valley; the seats were in the exact centre of the auditorium, EXACT CENTRE. Leonard kept looking at me/us. I can’t imagine he would remember me, but I got the notion he had the tickets held for someone. Guess that someone turned out to be us. I stifled the urge to sing out to him a few bars, at the end of his/their performance: “Domine, ego credidi, ego credidi; qui a tu es, Christus, Fillius Devivi” (Camille Saint Saens: Christmas Oratorio Opus 12 #4 Tenor solo). Gave him a Heart pump instead and the red Flying Heart hologram appeared on the side curtain at that exact moment. Leonard turned his head to look at it as if I made it happen. I/we waited around the foyer after, on the chance to connect further with him where I heard people verify that he ,indeed, was looking at “us”. Strange enough until the very next day, I was driving to Fairmont and saw one of his Pink & Black busses parked on the side of the road, either broken down or just catching a snooze; I did not stop to bother him, but regretted it ever since. My life is a series of missed opportunities. I am thankful I chanced upon this FB page before it slips away.

  7. Allan ik heb heel lang van alle berichten genoten, helaas stierf mijn echtgenoot Niek kort voor dat Leonard zijn laatste berichten stuurde..Ik viel eigenlijk in een donker gat..mijn overleed en kort daarna bleven alle berichtjes via jou ook weg..ik kon niet meer..Gelukkig heb ik nu een nieuwe huisarts en ik krabbel weer wat op..ik werk nu in een Buurtcentrum en help buitelandse mensen hun Nederlands te verbeteren..Weer onder de mensen te zijn doet me goed…wel heb ik genoten van het afscheid concert van Leonard…Toen ging mijn computer zich anders gedragen jammer genoeg.

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