Signs That You Have Become, Irreversibly, An Adult

1. At gatherings of your friends, when someone turns down a refill of his first cocktail, no one automatically says, “Go on – have another.”

2. When you consider buying a new car, the selling points that fascinate you most are the safety features.

3. The most prevalent ambient sound of your multi-family vacation is no longer the racket made by the kids but is instead the moans and groans you and your peers produce when sitting down or standing up.

4. You’ve attended six stage productions of Les Mis, but the only movie you’ve gone to in the past year is Bohemian Rhapsody – and the only reason you saw that was because your cousin and her husband were visiting and they are Queen fans.

5. Your most frequently used app is the grocery list you share with your spouse.

6. You’ve heard your favorite song playing in as background music in an elevator or a supermarket.

7. Your most common complaint about restaurants is that they are too loud.

8. Buying a new sofa or kitchen appliance gets you hot.

9, Finding a Harry Bosch novel in the library stacks that you somehow overlooked before qualifies as the highlight of your week.

10. You are willing to consider the possibility that you are wrong.

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