Video: Mandarin Ducklings Provide Message Of Courage

Courage, Love, and Mandarin Ducks

The BBC Planet Earth video clip below shows day-old Mandarin ducklings taking a literal leap of faith. Watching it back in 2008 while someone close to me was going through yet another set of tests for yet another feared complication of her disease brought to mind thoughts about the kind of bravery required in these situations.

    1. For some, courage is a daily necessity that is manifest without fanfare or self-aggrandizement. Those of us privileged to know someone in this category have the responsibility not to confuse the absence of dramatics with an absence of courage or, worse, an absence of peril.
    2. Cute and courageous are not mutually exclusive.
    3. Grace, born of resilience, is far more important than gracefulness.



Courage and Love are the only irreducible, irreplaceable, indispensable virtues, the sole sources of self-esteem and personal dignity, and, ultimately, the only items of value we have to offer one other.


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