10 Exclusive Photos: Leonard Cohen At His Paris Hotel 3 Days Before Start Of 2013 European Tour

Introduction: I am republishing selected posts from Cohencentric (my former Leonard Cohen site) here on AllanShowalter.com (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted June 15, 2013. Of the many contributors to Cohencentric, no one was more generous than Dominique Boile. Not only is Dominique the consummate Leonard Cohen archivist, providing multitudes of items from his vast collection, he has also supplied viewers with a plethora of his original photography, including rare and, sometimes, the only existent shots of an event. In addition, he has routinely been the first to alert readers to new Leonard Cohen books (including The Flame), official and unofficial CD/LP releases (e.g. The End of Love Radio Broadcast Zurich 1993), and exhibitions (such as the Claude Gassian Leonard Cohen Photo Exhibit). In the process, Dominique has become not only an invaluable source of Leonard Cohen material and artifacts but also a valued colleague and treasured friend.

Update: International Premiere Of “Leonard Cohen With Book In Paris Garden – June 15, 2013”

Dominique BOILE took these photos of Leonard Cohen at Mr Cohen’s Paris hotel June 15, 2013 – three days before the Bercy concert which opened the 2013 European Tour. The Canadian singer-songwriter is seen signing Dominique’s books and hanging out with Dominique and Annie (Dominique’s wife).

Note: The ever dapper Mr Cohen is sporting, in fashionable Parisian surroundings, a polo shirt of the same sort that I routinely wear – and for which I receive significant grief.

8 thoughts on “10 Exclusive Photos: Leonard Cohen At His Paris Hotel 3 Days Before Start Of 2013 European Tour

  1. Thank you Allan for republishing these photos.
    A wonderful memory.
    One of the most beautiful days of my life.
    Thanks again.

    Dominique Boile

  2. Sorry for your polo grief, we are the wives 🥰I love this black and white striped polo;surprised to LC z’l in it. Thanks to your colleagues for the photos.

  3. Thank you Allan and Dominique for sharing these photos with Leonard’s fans. Saw the great man 4 times in Dublin. Betty, Ireland

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