Come Healing! – A Video Offering Of Solace & Succor Built On Leonard Cohen’s Mesmerizing Hymn Of Universal Mercy And Salvation

A Hymn For Our Times

Oana Cajal, whose evocative Leonard Cohen-inspired videos graced Cohencentric, describes her calling:

I am a poet, a playwright, a painter. I believe that poetry created the world. My hobby: Survival! My message is urgent: In the Spotlight of Death, Life shines in its brightest colors. Celebrate! This very second! Right Now!

Clearly that drive informs and compels this video published after a traumatic, terrifying week in this county. [When this entry was originally posted, the Boston Marathon bombings had just taken place].

Come Healing!
Oana Maria Cajal’s Picto-Healing, In Memoriam, April 2013, Graced By Leonard Cohen’s Mesmerizing Hymn Of Universal Mercy And Salvation.
Music: Come Healing by Leonard Cohen
Published: April 19, 2013
Video by oana maria cajal


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