The Ten Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs: #6-#10

Introduction: In Nov 2015, fans voted for The Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs. The #6-#10 results of that balloting follow. Update: Now Online – The Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs #1-#5.

Note: In this instance, “seductive” carries the meaning of “tending to entice women into sexual behaviors.” Any specific song on this list may or may not have been originally intended to focus on love, lust, or libido, and any given song may or may not be characterized as romantic, overtly provocative, melancholy, raucous, dignified, downright sleazy… The only qualities shared by all the entries are (1) they are songs (i.e., they are not poems or spoken words) written and performed by Leonard Cohen and (2) they increase the likelihood that female listeners1 will become desirous of sexual activity.2


10. Slow
From Popular Problems (2014)


9. Waiting For The Miracle
Dublin: Sept 12, 2012
Video by albertnoonan


8. Because Of
From Dear Heather (2004)


7. Take This Longing
Hanover: November 11, 1979
Video from messalina79


6. In My Secret Life
Birmingham: Sept 8, 2013
Video by albertnoonan


I am republishing selected posts from Cohencentric (my former Leonard Cohen site) here on (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted Nov 17, 2015.


  1. Caveat #1: Cohencentric management makes no claim that every woman will find Leonard Cohen songs seductive. It is at least theoretically possible that some women are immune to his influence. DrHGuy, who has never personally observed this unnatural, perverse (and not in the fun way) phenomenon, maintains that the lack of a response on the part of a woman, while unsettling, would be useful as a sign that the apocalypse is impending. []
  2. Caveat #2: One should note that “increase the likelihood that female listeners will become desirous of sexual activity” does not specify the object of said desires. All too often, for example, the women in attendance at a Leonard Cohen audience attest to an enhanced sexual attraction – to Leonard Cohen. In terms of vectors, these songs reliably increase the velocity of amorous desires but do not predictably or dependably influence the direction of those desires. Still, as a male colleague who still routinely offers, with a notable success rate, mix CDs containing many of these tunes to his romantic interests sagely notes, “It can’t hurt.” []

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