Leonard Cohen Lists His Pleasures At Age 82, Weeks Before His Death


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LEONARD COHEN Forever . Last picture I took . September 2016 . Los Angeles . Home .

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You have always been a bon vivant. What are your pleasures today [Oct 2016]?


Morning coffee on the balcony
of this old duplex,
the cat at my feet,
and a couple of biscuits.
Notebook near by.
No one coming over.


Leonard Cohen


Leonard’s quotation is from Le Dernier Empereur by J.D. Beauvallet and Pierre Siankowski. (Les Inrocks: Oct 19, 2016. [from original interview transcript in English sent to me by Leonard Cohen]. Instagram photo by Dominique Issermann.

Note: I am republishing selected posts from Cohencentric, my former Leonard Cohen site, here on AllanShowalter.com (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted October 25, 2016.

5 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen Lists His Pleasures At Age 82, Weeks Before His Death

  1. I am 81 and competing with my man. I am not as famous as the man , at least not with the public. I’m just famous with me

    I have done a lot and seen a lot and heard a lot and felt a lot and loved a lot, and I would volunteer to do it all over again. I might make a few changes.

    I don’t want to leave on the night train just yet. I have more to see , more to do if my body will only let me. I can’t be greedy with life, I must make room for the next one

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