View Leonard Cohen’s Letters To Marianne

As posted previously, “this June Christie’s brings to auction more than 50 letters from Leonard Cohen to his muse and lover, together with seven of Marianne Ihlen’s own letters. Together they offer fascinating glimpses of the young poet’s yearnings and artistic struggles.”

These epistles are available for viewing online at the Christie’s website.

8 thoughts on “View Leonard Cohen’s Letters To Marianne

  1. I really appreciate your postings, Alan. I sincerely hope the letters will be kept together and will remain in the public domain. I wonder what Adam and Lorca’s feelings are about the auction?

  2. I can’t believe that nobody has thought of putting the letters together in a book with maybe Leonard’s final letter to Marianne. It would be a sure ‘best seller’ with his many fans world wide and sit alongside his intimate published poetry books. Even though he valued his privacy so much, surely he wouldn’t mind too much?

  3. I’m not having a problem with the public sharing of these letters. As someone said elsewhere, love letters of other famous people have been shared since their deaths. Much is learned of the inner landscapes through letters written in vulnerability. My understanding of Leonard has been immense generousity, especially regarding after his death. I don’t believe Adam and/or Lorca would exploit him. If it’s Marianne’s family, they may need to ongoingly support Axel (if I’m correct that he’s still alive). Reading what I’ve been able to so far has been gratifying, as I never knew how deeply and tangibly he remained connected and lovingly with Marianne.

  4. My hope is that the letters must not go for sale on by one, that will be to bad. These two loving persons has stayed connected trough a lifetime and should not be separated now. a book would have been superb. I`m sorry about my poor English. I hope you`ll understand anyway

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