“Marianne and I didn’t think of it as a love story. We just thought we were living together.” Leonard Cohen On Love And Creativity

Are you still so eager to write if… your appetite for love is satiated?


Marianne and I didn’t think of it as a love story. We just thought we were living together. I understand the belief that if your desire for love is satisfied, you no longer have the motivation to write, but I’ve never felt that way, it’s not a mechanism that applies to me. If anything, it was the opposite: there was a woman, she had a child, meals on the table, order in the house and harmony. It was precisely the moment to start one’s own work. I could work a lot because of Marianne, I wrote Beautiful Losers and more. She brought tremendous order to my life. [Interviewer: A material order, in the way of everyday life?] If you want to call that material, okay. But the material is the spiritual, that’s the real order, there is no other. When there is food on the table, when the candles are lit, when you wash the dishes together and when you put the child in bed together – that’s the order, that’s the spiritual order, there is no other.


Leonard Cohen


From Comme Un Guerrier by Christian Fevret (Les Inrocks: Aug 21, 1991). Via online translation.

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