The Ladies Who Lunch With The Ladies’ Man: Meeting Leonard Cohen – Ghent 2012

I fell for Leonard Cohen’s voice, music, lyrics and, of course, for his looks. I always found support and consolation in his songs.

Mich Boecquaert


When Mich Boecquaert, a Leonard Cohen stalwart who attended her first concert in 1974 in Brussels, met with fellow Cohen fan Ingrid Van Daele for lunch in Ghent during the week of shows in that city that opened the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour, neither expected the outing to include spending time with Mr Cohen himself.

Waiting for their table, they first noticed Mike Scoble striding in their direction. And treading in the wake of his Tour Manager was Leonard Cohen.

After the obligatory disbelief and anxiety subsided, Mich and Ingrid steeled themselves sufficiently to ask the man Bob Dylan called Kafka Of The Blues to autograph their self-designed t-shirts. Cohen not only complied but took the time to write a few words as well.

Mich elegantly characterizes the meeting in this way:

I still remember that I felt an enormous atmosphere of respect; we had respect for him of course but there was also great respect from him for us.

He’s such a lovely person. We spent more than half an hour with him. It was the manager who told him that it was time to leave.

He bowed his head and said that he was honoured to meet us.


That’s Ms Van Daele in the first two photos and the final photo; the other shots feature Ms Boecquaert. The guy in the hat is Mr Cohen.



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