Is This What You Wanted: Things Cohenites Like Most About Leonard Cohen: Photos

Introduction: Things Cohenites Like Most About Leonard Cohen

The paradoxical popularity of Things Cohenites Don’t Like About Leonard Cohen has prompted a consideration of a decade of writing about Leonard on my own sites and turns posting on LeonardCohenForum, Facebook fan groups, YouTube, and the official Leonard Cohen Facebook page, to determine1 which aspects of Leonard Cohen’s life and work are most favored by fans.

Note: For the purpose of this series, I’ve eliminated what could be described as “breaking news,” e.g., announcements about album releases, tours, books, etc.

#1 Photos Of Leonard Cohen

Yep, the most popular category of Leonard Cohen posts are photos of him. (And, yes, “Photos,” “Spiritual Themes,” and “The Women In His Life” are overlapping categories, but that’s nonetheless how the stats play out.) Moreover, it’s not performance photos that draw the most views; it’s the candid and posed photos. While adding photos to Leonard Cohen quotations routinely doubles or triples the number of hits, isolated photos without dates, locations, names of photographers, or attribution also do well. Fifteen of the most popular photos posted to Cohencentric follow.

Photo by Penny Showalter: Calling On Leonard Cohen & Kezban: The Cat, The Cane, The Conversation

Photo by Errol and Henriette Manners


Photo by Lorca Cohen


Photo by Guido Harari

Photo by Kezban Özcan

Photoshop by Allan Showalter: The Photo That Should Have Been: Leonard Cohen Visits Set Of Fraggle Rock 1983

Photo by Dave Oswald Mitchell: Most Popular 2013 Leonard Cohen Sighting: “Bunkered Down In Regina” After Missing 2 Concerts Due To Flu

Photo by Kezban Özcan: Exclusive: Kezban Özcan’s Photos Of Leonard Cohen’s Pre-Concert Shoe Shining


Photo by Bob Faggen: First posted at Cohencentric – “Leonard Cohen Sighting: “Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7/11” – May 23, 2015”

Photo by Enrique Avilés: An Unrecognized Leonard Cohen Poses At Photographer’s Request – West Village, NYC July 28, 2014

Photo by Joseph S. Carenza III: Leonard Cohen On Pinball Machines #2


Photo by Kezban Özcan: Lunch At Leonard’s In LA – Leonard Cohen & Kezban Özcan Host Nosh For Duchess & DrHGuy

Photo by Gorupdebesanez:2 Two Gorgeous Photos Of Leonard Cohen – Venice 1988

Photo by davidschmavid: Leonard Cohen Sighting: May 15, 2015


Animation by DrHGuy: Animation: A Leonard Cohen Salute At The 2011 Prince Of Asturias Awards

More Things Cohenites Like Most About Leonard Cohen

#3 Spiritual Themes
#2 The Women In His Life
#1 Photos


 Credit Due Department: Photo of Leonard Cohen’s final bow at the Dec 12, 2010 Las Vegas show atop this post taken by J.S. Carenza III.

I am republishing selected posts from my former Leonard Cohen site, Cohencentric, here on (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted June 11, 2018.


  1. “Determine” connotes observations on my part that lack rigid, scientific statistical verification but which I am am convinced – and on which I would wager significant sums of cash – are accurate []
  2. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons []

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  1. His songs often come into my mind and off I go to his albums. These are Lovely pictures and I remember I am sone to his age!!😘💐👼

  2. Because I love photography, I was captivated by all of these. But the photo by Gorupdebesanez, Venice 1988, almost brought tears to my eyes.

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