Leonard Cohen Writing About & Playing Pinball Machines

I had a lot of fun with [Leonard Cohen]. He was a completely weird guy, who liked to go around the streets of Montreal and play pinball. And I liked to play pinball, too, so that was a great bond that we had, in the beginning.


John Hammond


Leonard Cohen – Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Novelist, Icon, and Pinball Wizard – takes on the Monster Bash pinball machine at his hotel in Copenhagen during his 2008 tour. This magnificent photo was shot & shared by Joseph S. Carenza III. The John Hammond quote is from The John Hammond Years – Interview with John Hammond and Leonard Cohen. BBC: September 20, 1986. Accessed 30 March 2015 at LeonardCohenFiles.


Flippers, of course, have destroyed the sport by legalizing the notion of the second chance.


Leonard Cohen



From Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen

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  1. Thanx! I recall, from many many years ago, that LC had expressed a dislike about this so-called “second chance” w.r.t. flippers. Great to find some confirmation of this, and original sources.

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