Neil Ellis Photos: New River Gorge Early Spring Oaks

Neil writes:

This photo is a long telephoto of early spring oaks taken in early morning in the New River Gorge area of West Virginia and is even more extreme than the photo of Shenandoah National Park in flattening the perspective so that it shows only form, texture and color.  Huge enlargements of this type of photo can be very cool if they are sharp and contain much detail.


Note: This photo was originally posted Jan 15, 2011 at


Neil Ellis Photos: Neil is great friend who plays a respectable round of golf, identifies unseen birds by their calls, completes the New York Times Friday Crossword in ink, and snaps a heck of a photo. His photos are featured here at and can be found collected at Neil Ellis Photos.

3 thoughts on “Neil Ellis Photos: New River Gorge Early Spring Oaks

  1. A beautiful image of the coming season-thanks Dr. H.-I looked at the others too and found the one of the Mill and your piece on its workings so interesting.

  2. My memories of this area are centered around taking 9th graders whitewater rafting on the New River. The Lord of Leisure’s serene images of spring evoke an entirely different experience. Lovely.

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