Two Of These Streets Are Not Like The Others: The Sonny & Cher Avenues Of Golden, MO

This is one of those self-indulgent postings about an observation that, no doubt, fascinates me more than anyone else. A meta-posting speculating on the psychological aberration that renders me interested in this topic and, worse, makes me think it could interest anyone else could well be of more general interest. Nonetheless, as per my Eighth Grade Class Motto:

Onward Ever; Backward Never

The graphic atop this post is a map of the region around my mother’s home in the Ozarks. The blue area is Table Rock Lake. The yellow circle indicates Turkey Mountain Road, which is the street on which my mother lives.

The graphic below is a portion of that same area blown up. Note the street names:

  • Roaring River Road
  • Trout Street
  • Timber Lane
  • Song Bird Drive
  • Whippoorwill Drive
  • Dove Lane

There are also routes named Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Quail, Mockingbird, and many other critter designations. That is, of course, hardly surprising since Golden, MO is a village huddled next to a well-known bass fishing lake in a rustic setting.

Scanning north a block or two, however, displays a different neighborhood, one that is transversed by Sonny Avenue and Cher Avenue. It’s not clear from this map, but from personal experience, I can vouch that these two streets intersect, forming The Corner of Sonny & Cher.

So, I’ve wondered for years, if

  • The local Official Street Namer just happened to be have a thing for Sonny & Cher and, if so, wouldn’t one expect a Chastity Lane somewhere nearby?
  • There is any other possible reason for affixing the names, Sonny & Cher, to these streets (Losing a bet? The hope that Sonny & Cher would come to town to check out the street signs?)?
  • This is a subtle designation for a ghetto designed to contain any folks from the entertainment industry who decide to retire in the Ozarks?
  • Those living on these two anomalous streets feel especially blessed or cursed (one can imagine a hyper-masculine hunter-fisher sort whose buddies live on Trout Street and Duck Drive thinking his address on Cher Avenue less than ideal)?

There, that’s out of my system. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

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